Current Projects

We are currently busy with several projects that weave together all aspects of our vision. Check back often to find out what’s new in Bèta!

Innovative education

Improve your soft- and academic skills at home!

The university has a wide variety of (online) courses and trainings on offer to help you develop soft skills and academic skills. Unfortunately these are scattered around different locations and webpages which makes them hard to find. Lijst Bèta is working on improving the findability and quality of these courses. Soon you’ll be able to find them all in the SkillsLab!
A 21st century way to prepare for a 21st century job market

Career & Counseling offers supplemental services to guide students through their preparation for the job market. From career advice to CV checks, you can always come here for support. To make these resources even more accessible, Lijst Bèta is working together with Career & Counseling to create an online platform where you can learn anytime, anywhere. You could check your CV, watch a TED talk, or even get advice online to combat job stress. This way you will be better prepared for the job market!

For many students, LaTeX reports and group projects go hand-in-hand. Overleaf is a great tool for collaborating on reports, but the free accounts don’t always give you everything you need. Lijst Bèta wants to change that by providing free premium accounts for all students, as well as integration with Brightspace for even smoother collaboration.

Accommodating education and facilities

All the information you need to study in one place

There is a lot of information available about your studies at the TU, studying, and much more. Unfortunately, this information can’t all be found in one place, so you can easily miss out on useful information, which we think is a shame! That’s why Lijst Bèta is working on the redevelopment of the student portal. Brightspace, the UB catalog, Career & Counseling workshops; everything will just a few clicks away!

It is easier than ever to connect with people from all over the world, and it’s not difficult to get to know someone from a completely different culture. TU Delft is also no exception. However, it is not always the case that this contact goes smoothly. Lijst Bèta believes that we can learn a lot from different cultures. That is why we have started a working group on integration that brings both Dutch and international students together. Together they work on removing the barriers to integration and finding concrete solutions that help everyone at TU Delft.

Sustainable TU Delft

When you graduate, you should be able to find solutions for relevant societal problems, like sustainability. But unfortunately not all programs give much attention to this important matter. This is why Lijst Bèta is working together with the Green Office to start up student teams at each faculty which focus on making the education and faculty more sustainable. The students themselves are the closest to their own curriculum and know best where possibilities lay to make a meaningful impact on the TU Delft and eventually society.

Get started quickly with sustainability for your course

There is already quite a bit of education material out there on sustainability. However, that information often tends to stay with the same teachers and faculties. Every student benefits from gaining experience with sustainability, so that’s why Lijst Bèta is working on a platform where all this material can come together and be shared throughout the university. As a student, you can easily get started with sustainability yourself, and teachers can effortlessly integrate it into their existing courses.