Research report Diversity & Inclusion

Back in February, Lijst Bèta went to California to do research on diversity and inclusion at four universities. That resulted in an extensive report consisting of numerous recommendations TU Delft can implement to strengthen its recent efforts to diversity and inclusion. This report was officially handed over to the Executive …

4 New Teaching Fellows Awarded!

Thanks to Lijst Bèta, four Education Fellows have been chosen this week. They are awarded 50,000 euro’s to further develop their innovative projects. Anton Akhmerov is amongst the winners, with his “Zesje”, that allows teachers to scan written exams. Another fellow, Pieter Bots, won with his “modelling estafette”, in which …

Mobile workplace!

Tomorrow we move our workplace to the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering! You can sit with us, give us input and ask questions about the Central Student Council. From 8:30 till 13:00 you can find us in the main hall!

Our first update!

A Mobile Workplace, the first conciliation meeting with the Executive Board and a MOOC in preparation for the labour market. Check out the factsheet to find out what we are working on!

Up next: Tim Wubbe

To get to know the students behind Lijst Bèta, we introduce Tim Wubbe today! Everyone knows a teacher who seems unmotivated to teach, speaks English poorly and does not know how to inspire students. At such a wonderful high-quality educational institution as the TU Delft this should not be acceptable. …