Introducing: Axel Meeuwissen

Axel is this year’s chairman

Now that the seventh faction of Lijst Bèta has been enthusiastically installed and ready for the new academic year, it is time to get to know them a little better. To kick off, let’s introduce Axel Meeuwissen!

Hi, my name is Axel, and this year, I have the honour of being chairman of Lijst Bèta. This means that my duties include acting as the representative to the outside world, streamlining the cooperation with ORAS (the other party in the Central Student Council) and sending out invitations for the meetings with the executive board as secretary of the Student Council. Next to chairman, I will concern myself with national politics, the master, ICT, and internationalisation portfolios. I will happily answer all your questions related to one of those topics!

When I am not doing work related to the Student Council, I am a buddy for a nine year old and teach on Saturdays, which I both enjoy very much.

Should you spot me on campus (or beyond it), do not hesitate to hit me up for a talk about your (small) annoyances about the university! I am positive we can work them out together. If you are having trouble finding me, I am probably at our office, which is located in building 26b. Look here for a detailed instruction on how to get there.

I am very much looking forward to representing your interests, going that extra mile and improving our education even more!

See you around,