Meet Stijn Burmanje

Stijn is this year’s secretary of Lijst Bèta

To find out more about the people behind Lijst Bèta, today we introduce Stijn Burmanje!

Hi! My name is Stijn Burmanje and I’m looking forward to being the secretary of Lijst Bèta at the TU Delft Student Council. This year, I will be working on the inflow of new students, the discussion about the BSa, increasing the study success and improving the policy of our university. Please let me know if you want to share your opinion about these subjects.

For me, friendship, sports and student associations are a big part of my study time. However, I came to Delft to get my diploma. I want this paper to be worth as much as possible, for now but also in 7 years. To accomplish this, we need top-notch education at an accessible and challenging university.

Do you spot me somewhere? Come and have a talk! You are always welcome to visit us and you can email me every hour of the day with questions and comments ( Cheers!