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Tim Wubbe, our commissioner of external relations
To get to know the students behind Lijst Bèta, we introduce Tim Wubbe today!

Everyone knows a teacher who seems unmotivated to teach, speaks English poorly and does not know how to inspire students. At such a wonderful high-quality educational institution as the TU Delft this should not be acceptable. I, Tim Wubbe, want to improve this in the upcoming year. I strive for an approach where students and the student councils work closer together, which will make it easier to tackle problems signalled by the students.

My ambition is that the TU Delft provides enthusiastic, passionate teachers with a lot of knowledge, a lot of exercise material with clear solutions and a study environment and speed that is suitable for everyone.

In the coming year, I am Commissioner of External Relations and responsible for Teacher Quality, Excellency, Quality Assurance, Minors, LDE and Educational Innovation in Lijst Bèta and I am going to make this happen!

I am a mechanical engineering student at TU Delft. I would describe myself as an enthusiast with a lot of perseverance. For example, before studying at TU Delft, I studied a year at HBO level. Here I completed the first year, allowing me to study at the TU. I also helped building a race car for Formula student (DUT). Every now and then I teach physics classes at a primary school and I play rugby at Thor. To relax I visit Sint Jansbrug regularly.