About us

Lijst Bèta is one of the two parties residing in the central student council of Delft University of Technology. It is our belief that (improving) education should be the number one priority of the council, for the simple reason that that is why everybody came to Delft in the first place and it is therefore in everybody’s interest to have (access to) top-notch education. That being said, we acknowledge that being a student is more than studying. Good engineers must also develop themselves on a personal level, and the numerous student- and sports associations are an integral part of the active life that characterizes the Delft student. However, the interests of those associations are already sufficiently represented at the executive level, through the VerenigingsRaad (VeRa, student association council) and the Sportraad (sports council) respectively. Thereby, the central student council finds itself in the unique position (through various rights) to represent all students of the Delft University of Technology, and that duty is best fulfilled by dedicating the majority of its time to improving education.

More on our party, beliefs, and our history can be found on their respective pages (see menu).