Current affairs

Read here about the topics we are working on right now.

More recognition for education

It is often forgotten that professors are also researchers in their field of expertise. However, in the current state of affairs, teaching is seen somewhat as a side job next to researching, and this distinction is also present during performance evaluations where performance in research is most important. Lijst Bèta highlights the importance of the role as teacher, so that more attention is paid towards improving education. To this end, we initiated the Delft Education Fellowship, a grant of €50,000 for the best teachers, that they can use to improve education. Bas Flipsen, Dick van Gameren, Fokko van de Bult, Joris Melkert. Frido Smulders, and Ivo Bouwmans have received such grant.

Master thesis platform

Doing your final masters project is already hard enough on its own. To help master students searching for their ideal master thesis subject, we are working on a collective master thesis platform for every faculty. Teachers can upload their projects and students can see directly whom to contact for a thesis subject. This way master students are less likely to have unnecessary delays.

Evaluate your minor

Regularly students figure out during their minor that it is not what they had expected. Lijst Bèta is working on a system where students can evaluate their entire minor, so other students can make a better-informed decision and the TU Delft can improve their minors.

Course evaluation feedback

Every year many courses are evaluated, but the results of these evaluations are rarely communicated to students. Lijst Bèta wants every teacher to summarize what the improvements of the course with respect to last year are during their first lecture. We also want to add an extra evaluation moment halfway through the courses for every student.

Check your corrected exam online (Student Council initiative)

You learn from your mistakes. That’s why it is very important that you can look through your corrected exam, so you know what you need to improve and how you need to prepare for a possible retake. Therefore, the Student Council wants a system in which you can look through your graded exams online.