Vision on education

Our day-to-day operations, decisions and initiatives are based on a long-term vision about education at Delft University of Technology. We want every student to get the most out of their studies. Our education is:


Eduation should be future proof! To be able to make a difference in a complex world, you need 21st century skills to apply your knowledge. Programming and cooperation with people with different cultures, backgrounds and experiences is becoming increasingly important. Therefore Lijst Bèta pushes for more diversity and inclusion, and for the international experience in your study!


TU Delft is growing in both domestic and international student numbers. This combination puts a strain on the educational facilities at our university. We think studying can only be done when you are given the right facilities to do so. Therefore, we plead for more and better study places. However, some students need more than passive accommodations, We also want more active resources, like student psychologists, study counsellors and better thesis supervision!


Education at TU Delft prepares you for the future and solve global challenges. Right now, sustainability is the greatest issue, and therefore we think more attention should be paid towards sustainability; both in the curriculum and on campus!