Thanks to us

Lijst Bèta was founded only six years ago. Regardless, we have been able to realize our vision on several concrete aspects. On our initiative, it is now mandatory for professors to provide practice exams with answers for all courses, so that you can come better prepared to your final exam. This fits in our vision of intrinsic motivation, as it allows you to study how you want (autonomy).

Furthermore, we pitched the idea of a free crash course in the Dutch language during the summer break for international students. The thought behind this initiative was that it is easier to make Dutch friends if you can hold a basic conversation in their native language.

The complete list of our achievements:

  • Practice exams
  • Delft Education Fellowship
  • Free summercourse Dutch
  • Education on the map
  • Free digital readers
  • €2 million extra for education – Student Council

Each item in this bullet list is expanded on below.

Practice exams

Practicing is a vital part of studying. Lijst Bèta made it mandatory for all lecturers to provide a practice exam with answers, for all courses, so that you can come to the exam even better prepared.

Delft Education Fellowship

As outlined in current affairs, we believe teaching is still an underappreciated job as an employee of the TU Delft; the focus lies primarily with research. In a first step towards highlighting the importance of teaching, we set up the Delft Education Fellowship, a grant of €50.000 for teachers that had a valuable addition to the continuous development of education. This grant is effective in two ways, firstly, it recognizes achievements made in the field of teaching, and secondly, it motivates professors to actively think about evolving education and its future. The first teachers to receive this grant were Bas Flipsen, Dick van Gameren, Fokko van de Bult and Joris Melkert.

Free summercourse Dutch

Mingling with Dutch students can be hard sometimes, even more so when you don’t speak their native language. Hence, international students often wish to learn Dutch, but the studyload is high during the semesters and courses in the summer are expensive. Lijst Bèta and the language centre have worked together to realise a summercourse Dutch with the same depth as during the semester, offered for free!

Education on the map

Lijst Bèta has done extensive research on teacher quality. The recommendations from this research have been accepted by the DUT and have resulted in extra awards in didactics, such as the Innovative Teaching Talent of the Year award.

Free digital readers

Don’t you find it annoying when you just bought an expensive book, and then find out you also need to buy a reader? Thanks to Lijst Bèta a lot of readers are now available for free through Blackboard!

€2 million extra for education – Student Council

Last year, the Student Council together with some employees of the DUT, has achieved that two million euro will be spent on education, on top of the money already allocated. A part of this money went to lecturers, and some went to extra study places.