What is it?

The Student Council (formally Central Student Council, as opposed to the Faculty Student Council) is the (only) legal body that represents the interests of all the students at Delft University of Technology to the Executive Board (CvB, College van Bestuur). In its day-to-day operations, the TU Delft is governed by the CvB. Together with the Works Council, the Student Council advises the Executive Board on decisions it needs to make. The Excecutive Board has three members, its president, Tim van der Hagen, the Rector Magnificus, Karel Luyben, and Anka Mulder, the Vice President for Education and Organisations (VPEO).


In order to perform its duties effectively, the Student Council has several rights. First and foremost, it has the right to information. On virtually any topic, the Student Council can request information it deems relevant to form an advice. Secondly, and on fewer topics, it is entitled to give advice to the Executive Board regarding future decisions. Thirdly, and most profound (and only on selected topics), the Student Council has to approve of decisions made, before they are enacted. An example regarding the latter is the yearly budget of the university; the distribution of a whopping €500 million.

Board Meetings

Each month, the Central Student Council meets with the Vice President for Education and Organisations (VPEO), Anka Mulder, to discuss ongoing affairs. These meetings are public and can be attended by everyone.


Each May, elections are held to select members for the Central Student Council for the next academic year. During two weeks, both parties actively campaign to get your support. Regardless of your actual vote, it is important that you use your right to vote, since the more students vote, the more leverage we have towards the Executive Board. Voting can be done online and takes mere seconds; all the more reasons to cast your vote!