Meet the Board

In addition to the faction, Lijst Bèta is supported by a board which oversees the association. They are responsible for organizing events, promotion, and maintaining the member list.

Hi all!

I am Amy and I am 26 years old. This year I have the honour to be the chair of the Lijst Bèta Board. As chair it is my task to lead all our meetings and to make sure that everything runs smooth between board members. Right now, I am at the end of my Bachelor of Civil Engineering.

 I am looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead for us regarding hybrid events, building a strong community through events and to create new traditions for Lijst Bèta as an association!

I hope to see you all this year!


I am Luuk and I am the secretary of the Lijst Bèta board for the 2021-2022 academic year. I am 19 years old, and currently in my second year of the bachelor Computer Science and Engineering.

During this board year, I hope to achieve greater coordination and cooperation between the board, faction, and members of Lijst Bèta, so that my successors can focus on promoting our cause, organising events, and assisting the faction.

If you have any points that you would like to be discussed during one of our board meetings, do not hesitate to contact me!

I am excited to improve Lijst Bèta for the benefit of all of us and I hope to see you at one of our General Assemblies.

Hey! I’m Yashasvi, 

I’m 20 and I have the honour to be a part of the Lijst Bèta Board this year as its External Affairs and Promotions Director. I am in the third year of my bachelors in Applied Earth Sciences and after a tough online year, we can all finally be offline and back on campus. 

The greatest challenge this year will be ensuring that events and community building activities can still take place in a hybrid setting. Along with this, everyone’s mental health and well being is also essential. I would like to be there for you during this transition. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding anything, even the smallest suggestions and ideas are welcome.

 I look forward to representing you and hope you to see all of you around!


My name is Yasir,

 I’m studying Applied Physics and I’m happy to be part of the Lijst Bèta Board this year as the concept director.

As a concept director, I’m in charge of the smaller in-depth working groups/discussion nights that Lijst Bèta hosts. These nights are meant to generate content and ideas for Lijst Bèta to pursue in the Student Council, and to enable members to voice their own views about the chosen topics.


I’m Julian, I normally study Computer Science and Engineering, but this academic year I fulfill the position of Faction Board member. 

As Faction Board member I am the main point of communication between the Board and the Faction. I am also responsible for aiding the board by providing information of the previous years.