In addition to the faction, Lijst Bèta is supported by a board which oversees the association. They are responsible for organizing events, promotion, and maintaining the member list.

Evie van der Horst

The chair is the leader of the board. She is responsible for leading the meetings, making the year planning, and making sure that the group as a whole functions well.

Fleur van Loo
Head of Activities

As the name suggests, the head of activities is responsible for the bigger activities that Lijst Bèta organizes, such as debates, lunch lectures and drinks.

Khalid El Haji
Concept Director

The concept director is in charge of the smaller in-depth working groups/discussion nights that Lijst Bèta hosts. These nights are meant to generate content and ideas for Lijst Bèta to pursue in the Student Council, and to enable members to voice their own views about the chosen topics.

Marijn Roelvink
Faction Board Member

The faction board member takes place in the board on behalf of the faction in order to ensure smooth communication between the board and the faction.