Meet the Board

In addition to the faction, Lijst Bèta is supported by a board which oversees the association. They are responsible for organizing events, promotion, and maintaining the member list.

HHey! I am Saraf Nawar, a Bangladeshi student studying Applied Earth Sciences at TU Delft. This year, I am the Chair of the Lijst Bèta Board, with a focus on Sustainability as my main portfolio. Besides overseeing the Board, I am also responsible to maintain relationships with external boards and parties, ensuring the vision and focus of Lijst Bèta is upheld and represented through our activities.

I believe the network I have built in the past years through the different student organization boards and faction year will help me achieve the goals we have set as Lijst Bèta this year. A fun fact about me is that I can laugh like a horse, and it is my favourite animal. So I end up cracking a lot of horse jokes when I am in the spotlight.

Hi! My name is Saru Shrestha, and I am a second year Master’s student in Aerospace Engineering, following track Space Flight, and I am also the secretary of Lijst Bèta Board 12. My responsibility includes, among other things, updating you all about Lijst Bèta and its activities.

I will work on portfolio Well-being, including anti-harassment campaign, this year. Despite the gloomy covid times, it has created a momentum towards highlighting the impact of mental well-being. And I want to take this chance, to work towards promoting, discussing, or implementing solutions around student’s mental well-being together with Faction.

Apart from fantasizing about the infinitely vast space above and beyond us, I also like to run in my free time. One fun fact about me would be, I named my first dog after Peter Parker from Spider-man and second one after Bruno Mars ;). 

Hey! My name is Sara Buhktari, and I am the concept director and treasurer of the Board. As the concept director, I will be responsible for the discussion nights and activities Lijst Bèta hosts. During discussion nights, members can voice their opinions on chosen topics, so we as Lijst Bèta can pursue this in the Student Council. Although my focus lies on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), I am excited to organize activities that highlight all the board’s portfolios.

One fun fact about me is that all my plants have their own ‘growth’ photo album. I am a Master’s student in Applied Physics. Besides, I love art, visiting museums, and enjoy painting in my spare time. I also like to keep up with running.

So feel free to reach out to me to talk about D&I, arts, or to share some tips on how I can rack up those kilometers!

Hello! My name is Aleksander Buszydlik, and I am a first year Master’s student of Computer Science. In Board 12 of Lijst Bèta I am responsible for the acquisition of new partners, as well as the promotion of the association and the awesome events we will be organizing throughout the year. I also oversee the Education portfolio, relaying input to the Student Council on how to ensure that students receive the highest quality education, especially as the university continues to grow.

Outside of classes, you can find me trying out new cooking recipes, taking care of my plants, and staying active (typically climbing). A fun fact about me is that every year in the season of the Perseids and Delta Aquariids meteor showers I find a new destination with dark sky to bivouac and stargaze – this year it ended up being a cow pasture in the mountains :-).


I’m Sebastiaan and  this academic year I fulfill the position of Faction Board member. 

As Faction Board member I am the main point of communication between the Board and the Faction. I am also responsible for aiding the board by providing information of the previous years.