Our Vision

Lijst Bèta strives to ensure that all students of the Technical University of Delft can and will get the most of their education when studying here! As a Central Student Council party, it is our responsibility to represent all students in the decision-making processes of the university. Since we are the only official student representational body, as Lijst Bèta we believe that we should use our legal rights wisely, and have the quality of your education as our top priority.

We want the TU Delft to provide its students with innovative, challenging and future-proof education of world-class quality. In an open and inclusive learning environment where everyone feels inspired and safe. As the younger party in the Central Student Council, we are progressive, and we see it as our task to put important, but sometimes less popular issues, such as climate change and Diversity & Inclusion, on the agenda. Through that, we want to enable you to develop yourself and get the most out of your time here at the TU Delft!

Lijst Bèta strives for innovative and inspiring education, so that you can become a well-rounded Delft engineer. Therefore, we believe that:
  • Education should be about improving yourself instead of proving yourself
  • The curricula should challenge students to develop themselves, by teaching them the necessary 21st century skills such as programming, reflecting, critical thinking and (multidisciplinary) collaboration. Self-reflection, dealing with feedback and criticism are so-called soft skills, but can be really hard to understand
  • The education of TU Delft should become more modular, so that each student can choose the path that suits them best. We want students to have more influence on their courses
  • Our teachers have a very important role to play in the education of the students of TU Delft. They are here to inspire and guide the students in such a way that everyone can make the most of their education
  • Inspiring education of high quality is only possible when educational tasks are rewarded equally, instead of the current prioritization of research activities. Researching teachers should have the possibility to excel in their didactic skills
Furthermore, there is a practical side to future-proof education. Our student population continues to grow, which puts pressure on already limited resources. Lijst Bèta wants to the university to:
  • Provide more and better study places, also for master thesis students
  • Provide better and more fruitful ways of providing feedback, where the implementation of it is immediately visible
  • As an internationally recognized institution, offer new innovative forms of education such as blended learning to be able to offer students the best of the best
Since TU Delft offers world-class education, its community is very diverse in culture, language, nationality, lifestyle, sexual orientation, communication style, religion, physical abilities and background. Although the university provides international students with excellent education, we believe that more attention should be given to the integration of students as well. As Lijst Bèta, it is our vision that:
  • Intercultural communication skills should be taught to every student
  • International students should have better access to representative bodies
  • Attention should be paid to specific matters such as living costs for international students, loneliness and stereotypes
  • The start of either your bachelor or master is focused on providing students with the right information and tools to have a good and inspiring start
  • The university should offer an open and safe environment for all
  • Every layer of the organisation should be representative of the TU Delft community
  • The university and its members take their societal responsibility seriously
  • The course content is diverse, inclusive and representative
Delft engineer
It is our vision that future-proof education should also guide students in their development towards becoming an independent and (self-)critical Delft Engineer. Students should be inspired to gain insight into themselves and learn how to reflect, self-regulate and to find their authentic voice. We support the cultural change initiated by TU Delft, and additionally we strive for:
  • Sufficient support services that are accessible for all, such as student psychologists and counselors
  • A shift from curative towards preventative measures
  • An integration of soft skills in the curricula
  • Normalization of failure, asking for help and self-reflection
  • Better thesis supervision
  • Clear and accessible information, so that you know where to go to with what question
campus & curricula
Climate change might be the biggest challenge of this era. Today’s students can make a difference for tomorrow! That is why Lijst Bèta calls for more attention for sustainability, both in courses and on campus. Therefore, we strive for:
  • Sustainability as an integral part of your curriculum
  • The learning environment to inspire and motivate students to take responsibility
  • The many existing innovations to be translated into a sustainable campus
  • TU Delft and its organisation to lead by example and show what is possible through great leadership