Thanks to Bèta...

For 8 years, Lijst Bèta has worked tirelessly to make your education the best it can be! 

Here’s a sampling of the things we have accomplished for students at TU Delft.

Extra study places in Pulse

Thanks to the input Lijst Bèta received from many students, we saw the opportunity to add extra study places in Pulse. Together with the Facility Management at Pulse, we are working on creating 60 extra places, so that the space in this new educational building is better utilized!

Mandatory practice exams

Practising is essential to learning something new. Courses are no exception, so to be well prepared for your exams, you should be able to practice enough. Thanks to Lijst Bèta, lecturers are required to provide practice exams for all courses.

Expanding minor abroad

Doing your minor abroad is a well-known option, but previously, you could only pick courses related to your field of study. Lijst Bèta thought this was a missed opportunity and ensured on the option of doing a minor outside of your field of expertise abroad.

Free digital readers

Thanks to Lijst Bèta, many readers are now available as PDFs on Brightspace, so you don’t have to buy them on paper.

Free summer course in Dutch

When coming to Delft to study, wanting to learn Dutch is a logical step for many students. But the study load is high during the semester and courses in the summer are expensive. Lijst Bèta and the language centre have worked together to offer a summer course Dutch with the same depth as during the semester, for free!

Renewal course evaluations

When you give feedback on a course, it shouldn’t disappear into void as soon as you hit “submit”. Thanks to Lijst Bèta, you can now view old course evaluations on Brightspace. But we didn’t stop there. Lijst Bèta also secured funding to overhaul the entire course evaluation system.

Rewarding innovative education

Motivated lecturers should get the opportunity to see their innovative ideas realised. Therefore, thanks to Lijst Bèta, € 50.000 grants are available to promote these educational initiatives. This year, Calvin Rans, Martijn Stellingwerff, Chris Verhoeven and Angeniet Kam were awarded these grants.