Thanks to Bèta...

For 12 years, Lijst Bèta has worked tirelessly to make your education the best it can be! 

Here’s a sampling of the things we have accomplished for students at TU Delft. Click here to learn more about what we have accomplished and what we are working right now!

Mandatory practice exams for all courses

Practice is essential when learning something new. Courses are no exception, so to be well prepared for your exams, you should be able to practice enough. Thanks to Lijst Bèta, lecturers are required to provide practice exams (with answers!) for all courses.

Expanding minor abroad

Doing your minor abroad is a well-known option, but previously, you could only pick courses related to your field of study. Lijst Bèta thought this was a missed opportunity and arranged that students at various faculties are now able to do a minor abroad in a subject they find interesting, regardless of their own field of study.

GreenTeams in faculties

When you graduate, you should be able to find solutions for relevant societal problems, like sustainability. But unfortunately not all programs give much attention to this important matter. This is why Lijst Bèta has worked together with GreenTU to start up GreenTeams at each faculty which focus on making the education and faculty more sustainable. The students themselves are the closest to their own curriculum and know best where possibilities lie to make a meaningful impact at TU Delft and eventually in society. Currently, all faculties have their own GreenTeam!

Delft Education Fellowship – Yearly €50.000 grant for innovative education

Motivated lecturers should get the opportunity to see their innovative ideas realized. Therefore, thanks to Lijst Bèta, a total of €50.000 in grants are available to promote these educational initiatives. This year, Sjoerd van Dommelen, Timon Idema and Mauricio Aniche were awarded these grants.

Diversity & Inclusion Grant – Yearly €25.000 grant for a diverse and inclusive community

Diversity and inclusion remains an important but underfunded issue within the university. Thanks to Lijst Bèta a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Grant open for all students has been created to give students and organizations the ability to apply for funds to support grass-root initiatives that intend to improve the overall state of diversity and inclusion within the university in whatever way possible.

PRIMECH – Improving and innovating mechanics courses

Many students follow a mechanics courses at some point in their study, and those courses are often quite difficult to pass. To make these courses more doable, we’ve set up a program called PRIMECH: PRogramme of Innovation in MECHanics education. This program will be combining the power of all the teachers in mechanics courses at the different faculties, in order to significantly improve the courses by using new education techniques such as blended learning and flipped classrooms.

Free digital readers

Thanks to Lijst Bèta, many readers are now available as PDFs on Brightspace, so you don’t have to buy them on paper.

Free summer Dutch course

When coming to Delft to study, wanting to learn Dutch is a logical step for many students. But the study load is high during the semester and courses in the summer are expensive. Lijst Bèta and the language center have worked together to offer a free summer Dutch course with the same depth as the semester course, for free!

Structurally more study places in Pulse

Thanks to the input Lijst Bèta received from many students, we saw the opportunity to add extra study places in Pulse. Together with the Facility Management at Pulse, we looked at utilizing the available space more efficiently. Three years ago, 60 extra places were realized!

Adobe licences for IDE and Architecture students

When making posters, reports, videos or renders for your (design) project, the Adobe Creative Cloud applications are very useful to have access to. Moreover, often they are even essential, and teachers just expect you to have access to those programs, even though you have to pay for them on a yearly basis. Lijst Bèta believes that those essential programs should be freely accessible to everyone at TU Delft who needs it for their study. Thanks to Lijst Bèta IDE and Architecture students had a free Adobe Licence in the academic year (2022/2023).

Overleaf Premium

For many students, LaTeX reports and group projects go hand-in-hand. Overleaf is a great tool for collaborating on reports, but the free accounts don’t always give you everything you need. Lijst Bèta made sure all students at TU Delft can now use Overleaf Premium!

Green Thread Initiative – More sustainability in education

As sustainability impacts all choices that we make as engineers, we can’t be taught about it in just one course in the bachelor; it needs to be an integral part of our education, woven through the curriculum like a green thread. That’s why we worked together with GreenTU this year to set up a project where student assistants work together with professors to make their courses more sustainable by adding green examples or giving more focus to the environmental impact of certain techniques. The first pilot has already started at Civil Engineering this year!

Renewal course evaluations

When you give feedback on a course, it shouldn’t disappear into void as soon as you hit “submit”. Thanks to Lijst Bèta, you can now view old course evaluations on Brightspace. But we didn’t stop there. Lijst Bèta also secured funding to overhaul the entire course evaluation system.