Reply on the CvB statement “Israel-Hamas: EB and deans TU Delft call for immediate ceasefire”

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Lijst Bèta commends TU Delft’s acknowledgement of the severe humanitarian crisis resulting from the conflict. Human suffering and the violation of humanitarian laws are indeed appalling, and we share the feelings of sadness and helplessness expressed by the Executive Board (EB).

Full support is given to the call for an immediate ceasefire It is pleasing to see that TU Delft rejects both antisemitism and islamophobia. We also endorse the International Court of Justice (ICJ) rulings [1] and the UN Security Council resolutions [2] calling on Israel to stop the famine in Gaza. We applaud TU Delft’s commitment to exploring ways to contribute to the rebuilding of educational and academic infrastructure in Gaza and support TU Delft in taking the lead in this role and wish the university success in its efforts.

However, disappointment arises from TU Delft’s statement not acknowledging the recent conclusion by the UN Special Rapporteur that there are reasonable grounds that genocide is being committed in Gaza [3]. Additionally, we advocate for the release of hostages from both sides, not only by Hamas but also by Israel. It is disappointing to see that this statement names the conflict solely between Israel and Hamas. Lijst Bèta feels this downplays the many Palestinian casualties during this conflict.

Certain current TU Delft collaborations might be complicit in the continuation of the conflict [4][5]. Critically examining  these collaborations and cutting ties if they remain complicit would validate the TU Delft’s claim of not supporting the ongoing conflict. The TU Delft can and should use its influence to encourage these collaborations to contribute to ending the conflict.

The concern about the social safety of scientists and students involved is acknowledged. However, if the TU Delft opts not to publish a list of collaborations with one specific country, then collaborations with all countries should be published. This ensures transparency, consistency, and fairness, and mitigates risks associated with the current social debate. We also stress that listing only European collaborations on CORDIS is insufficient for the transparency needed and requested by the community, as it excludes all non-European collaborations of TU Delft.

The Executive Board has the power to influence current politics and champion the values that the student body holds dear. Lijst Bèta wishes to respect the wishes of students and shape a future for TU Delft that aligns with the principles of justice, transparency, and global responsibility.

Read the CvB statement: “Israel-Hamas: EB and deans TU Delft call for immediate ceasefire” here!


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