Apply now!

Hey everyone!Lijst Bèta is looking for succession for the Student Council in 2021/2022. Do you… want to do something completely different for a year? have lots of opinions? think that the things could be better at the university? want to improve the TU Delft and your education? give a damn? Read more…

Notice on the 2020 Campaign

In light of recent events, Lijst Bèta wishes to express their disappointment in certain student council members who violated RIVM guidelines and legal notices. We as a party, and as student representatives ourselves, are deeply saddened that some of our official colleagues put the interests of their party ahead of Read more…

Printer access due to Corona

Some students might need to print or scan some documents, without having access to a printer or scanner at home, below you can find the different locations where on campus you are still able to use the printing facilities! The printers will be placed as close to the entrances as Read more…

Become a Bèta’er!

It’s that time of the year again! We have officially opened up our doors again for the next ambitious students who want to change TU Delft! Do you want to find out more about becoming part of the next faction of Lijst Bèta and exploring the sea of possibilities as Read more…

Happy Holidays

On behalf of Faction 9, Lijst Bèta would like to wish you Happy Holidays, with time to unwind from another exciting year and to come together with your dearest and nearest.  We hope you enjoy the holidays!

Meet the faction!

Meet the new faction! Charlotte Boersma Charlotte’s bio is coming soon! Nima Salami Nima’s bio is coming soon! Nils Bebelaar Nils’s bio is coming soon! Maaike Waaldijk Maaike’s bio is coming soon!

Thank you for voting!

Thank you for voting! After a successful campaign, Lijst Bèta is pleased to announce that we received 3 seats for the 2019-2020 academic year! And even more exciting, we received the second highest vote share in Lijst Bèta history with 32.1% of the vote!  Thank you to everyone who voted Read more…

Meet our lead candidates!

Meet our Lead Candidates! Lijst Bèta is proud to present our lead candidates, or EPAF (Embryonic Potential Approaching Faction), for the 2019 Student Council Elections!  Our fantastic candidates are (L to R): Maaike Waaldijk, Nima Salami, Nils Bebelaar, and Charlotte Boersma.